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    Canawest (Pantoprazole (E.C.) + Itropride Hydrochloride (S.R.) Capsules- 30 Capsules )

    Pantoprazole (E.C.) + Itropride Hydrochloride (S.R.) Capsules Uses

    Pantoprazole (E.C.) + Itropride Hydrochloride (S.R.) Capsule is used in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (acid reflux) and Peptic ulcer disease.

    How Pantoprazole (E.C.) + Itropride Hydrochloride (S.R.) Capsules works

    Pantoprazole (E.C.) + Itropride Hydrochloride (S.R.) Capsule is a combination of two medicines: Pantoprazole and Itopride. Pantoprazole is a proton pump inhibitor (PPI). It works by reducing the amount of acid in the stomach which helps in the relief of acid-related indigestion and heartburn. Itopride is a prokinetic which works on the region in the brain that controls vomiting. It also acts on the upper digestive tract to increase the movement of the stomach and intestines, allowing food to move more easily through the stomach.


    • You have been prescribed Pantoprazole + Itopride for the treatment of acidity and heartburn.
    • Take it one hour before the meal, preferably in the morning.
    • It is a well-tolerated medicine and provides relief for a long time.
    • Inform your doctor if you get watery diarrhea, fever or stomach pain that does not go away.
    • Inform your doctor if you do not feel better after taking it for 14 days as you may be suffering from some other problem that needs attention.
    • Long-term use can cause weak bones and deficiency of minerals such as magnesium. Take adequate dietary intake of calcium and magnesium or their supplements as prescribed by your doctor.